About Me


Miki Mori

Miki Mori is a distinguished green energy blogger, celebrated for her in-depth knowledge of the renewable energy sector and her ability to articulate complex concepts in an approachable way. Born in Sapporo, Japan, Miki's lifelong commitment to environmental sustainability motivated her to earn a degree in Environmental Science from Hokkaido University. Upon graduation, Miki launched her career in the renewable energy industry, with a particular emphasis on green energy solutions. Her zeal for educating the public about the importance and benefits of renewable energy led her to start her blog, "Miki's Green Energy Chronicles". "Miki's Green Energy Chronicles" rapidly became a trusted resource for information on green technologies, industry developments, and regulatory changes. Miki's gift for simplifying complex technical concepts has attracted a diverse readership, from renewable energy professionals to homeowners interested in sustainable living. In addition to her blog, Miki is a regular contributor at renewable energy conferences and events, providing expert insights and advocating for progressive green energy policies. She also collaborates with various renewable energy companies and research institutions, leveraging her expertise to help chart the future course of the green energy sector. In her spare time, Miki enjoys hiking and gardening, activities that keep her connected to nature and fuel her passion for a greener world. Miki Mori is more than just a blogger; she is a tireless advocate for green energy, dedicated to powering the shift towards a sustainable future through her enlightening content.


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